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5 Crazy Ways That Car Owners Destroy Their Windshields

Did you know that there are 5 different ways that car owners can destroy their windshields? Windshield wipers, rocks and baseballs, bugs and debris, chemicals like washer fluid or antifreeze; these are all things that could end up on your windshield. But don’t worry! All it takes is a little maintenance to keep the window clean and clear. In this blog post we talk about 5 crazy ways that car owners destroy their windshields.

In our decades of windshield replacement and repair, we have encountered many different ways owners destroy their windscreens. Your car’s windshield stands between you and whatever is outside your vehicle while driving to protect you from rain or snow during a storm. Caring for it properly can add life if not prevent costly auto glass replacements in some cases! Here are five mistakes that most people make:

1) Cleaning Your Windshield With Glass Cleaner

The use of the wrong products can lead to expensive windshield replacements and other issues. While keeping your window clean may sound like common sense for many people who take care of their car’s exterior—especially when they don’t want anything as serious as an auto-glass repair bill wreck havoc with their finances (or worse)—the right kind of products are needed if one wants longevity out from them. 

2) Banging on an Icy Windshield to Remove Ice

The sound of shattering glass is enough to make anybody shudder. That’s why it should come as no surprise that you never want to use a hammer or any other object on your windshield if there’s ice buildup.

You could end up with scratches, cracks and more than likely an expensive car repair bill!

3) Defrosting an Icy Windshield With Hot Water

The difference in temperature between the cold glass and water can cause a car’s windshield to shatter. If you need to remove ice, scrape it off with plastic tools or let your vehicle run while its defrost fan blows on the window to melt ice rather than driving while hitting them.

4) Leaving Aerosol Cans in Your Car in Hot Weather

Ever been in a car on a hot day? You know how it gets really hot and there is no way to escape the heat. Well, have you read all of those warnings about not storing aerosols cans in heated areas? One big issue with that is when an exterior becomes too warm certain chemicals can explode which means flying projectiles are headed your way! And we’re not talking just small flakes either- these things will make sure they get lodged somewhere into or around your vehicle so be careful where you put them if given the chance.

We’ve seen this happen before: someone left their hairspray, deodorant or other chemical sitting near an open window for only five minutes and then boom – glass shards everywhere!

5) Not Fixing Small Rock Chips

A chip in your windshield is easy to fix and it’s better for you wallet than a full replacement. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of repair, but if not they are still cheaper than a new windshield because it won’t become worse over time like an untreated crack would.

You’ll find that Windshield Replacement Detroit is your best option for auto glass replacement. We can repair small rock chips or replace a windshield with ease, so if you need help just give us a call.

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